How to Organize a Dreamy Photoshoot and Dress Like a Queen on a budget

Hi Darlings,

Do you wait for special occasions to invest in a photographer and get some great shots of yourself?
Have you ever considered getting a photoshoot done?
Hear me out here, it’s nice to get some shots taken on a special day, but there are other times where you can choose to capture some memories, it could be your own pictures or maybe a shoot with your friends or family?

Here’s what I do for my photoshoots, and you can use this process to have a photoshoot for yourself too.

First up is to figure out the location, outfit and props for the extra oomph! Knowing this helps with creating a visual story. You can also create a moodboard, that is inspired by the location, outfit, and props. If you are not used to posing also add some visual inspirations for the easy poses you could do in your photos.

Let me walk you through more details!


A dreamy photoshoot needs a floor-length dress!
I am personally drawn to neutral colors, so you would either find me in black or white or an elegant emerald. But if your personal style is more colorful, then, by all means, go for something colorful.
I picked a white off-shoulder floor-length dress from Sabo Skirt. It goes beautifully well with the location.

And if this is making you go, “hmmm… but Nikki I don’t want to spend too much for just a photoshoot”
Here’s the good news.
There’s no need to break the bank darlings, you can get some beautiful pieces for under $100.
Also, a great tip is to look for lesser priced bridesmaid dresses.

You might need a makeup artist too, you can get in touch with Timsi from TM’s Makeup Artistry.
You can find her on Instagram here: @tmsmakeupartistry.


It’s all about Location! Location! Location! Darlings.
Where is your happy place? What’s the place that makes your heart sing?
For me, the answer was a no-brainer! It’s a beach, and I picked Malibu.
Tap into the emotion you want to capture and then pick a place.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, this might help: Popular Outdoor Locations on Instagram.




If you want a photoshoot with a dreamy vibe, then you’ve got to have a photographer that can deliver it!
The photographer you need is Kristen Booth. I have been working with her for years now, and honestly, I love how she has nailed the dreamy-fairytale vibe to the T.
Her work is a treat for the eyes. Watch and be pleased: Kristen Booth Photography.

If you decide not to hire a professional photographer that’s alright too. You can get ideas on Pinterest and have your friend, or your partner take your beautiful pictures. After all, it’s about capturing beautiful memories.


What’s a fairytale without some props?
While I chose an oversized hat from Aritzia, you can look for knickknacks on Etsy.
At times, photographers might have some props themselves.
Like this beautiful crown that Kristen has (see the pic below for the image).
Or vintage mirrors like these…
Vintage Decorative Metal Gold Tone Wall Mirror
Vintage large round metal framed mirror.

Or a Vintage Hand Mirror.

You can also find yourself some binoculars, or a vintage camera.


I hope this encourages you to plan a photoshoot darlings.
Trust me, it will make you feel amazing about yourself.

Sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader. And doing something like this can boost your self-confidence.
So why not give it a try? 😉

It will make you feel beautiful plus you will have beautiful memories to cherish when you grow older. As we all know procrastination kills creativity so don’t procrastinate get your inner creative genius out and do something for yourself – self-love is important!

Shop the look:



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