How to make your home feel Serene

Hi Darlings,

The world is currently drowning in fear!
2020 didn’t start on a good note, one after the after calamities, diseases, talks of war are creating unrest, during such times we find refuge in our own homes, where comfort rules.

At times like these, our homes become our haven, and I personally believe that creating an atmosphere in our home that truly recharges us is our responsibility.

Let me share with you tips that will help make your home feel calmer.

#1 Feelin’ Blue is the way to go

A color that will help create this feeling of serenity that you can bring into your home is the color BLUE.

Pantone also declared Classic Blue as the color of the year.
Here’s why…

“It’s a shade that offers the reassurance, confidence, and connection that people may be searching for in an uncertain global milieu.’’

Blue has always been my personal favorite too.
I have a blue couch in my home, for the very reason that at the end of the day when I come into my home, I want that feeling of tranquility to wash over me.
I love styling blue with gold accents.


#2 Fill it with life

Did you know? Interacting with indoor plants can reduce both physiological and psychological stress?
So if the visual effect is not enough to get plants into your home, consider the psychological good it does to you.

Here’s a great article on the benefits of having plants at home by Healthline, click to read.

#3 Minimalism is Key

To each his own, but I personally prefer that the less you hoard the more you live. Being tied down to a lot of things in your home, and overcrowding your space is as good as overcrowding your mind. If hoarding is something you struggle with, I propose the Marie Kondo rule.

“The criterion for deciding what to keep and what to discard is whether or not something sparks joy. When deciding, it’s important to touch it, and by that, I mean holding it firmly in both hands as if communing with it. Pay close attention to how your body responds when you do this. When something sparks joy, you should feel a little thrill, as if the cells in your body are slowly rising. When you hold something that doesn’t bring you joy, however, you will notice that your body feels heavier.’’

#4 Pick Neutrals

Neutrals by nature are unsaturated enabling them to provide a relaxed background for your home. Soft tones are preferred more than strong colors to create an effect of serenity.



#5 Light up your home

Choosing the right light for your home is important. Also, in all honesty, nothing beats natural light. It helps improve mood and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

“A living room feels comfortable with a layering of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient light, usually an overhead fixture, gives the room its overall brightness. Accent lighting highlights specific objects or artwork.”


#6 Drape your home in natural fabrics

Fabrics like fine cotton, linen, wool, and silk in soft or neutral tones are the best when it comes to creating a calming effect. Also when you pick furniture, go for those with natural wood to bring in the rustic feel.


I hope this post helps you create a safe space for yourself in your home.

I visited the Baxter Furniture Store and was so taken by the beautifully curated spaces that it inspired me to write decor posts for you.
If you’re in L.A. I highly recommend you visit them.

And if you would love to hear more decor stories from me, then let me know in the comments below darlings.

Until next time, keep calm!


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