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Today I want to talk about sunglasses. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that they’re one of my favorite accessories, but there was a time when I would struggle with choosing the right ones because sometimes they just looked odd.

That was until I learned that the perfect fit depends on your face shape, and let me tell you, once I figured out what my face shape was, everything became so much easier. Turns out, knowing this information can help take your life so much easier, and not only when finding sunglasses, but also with earrings, necklaces, and even with doing your makeup. 

Now, I want to clear something up, there are a few standard face shapes and we will use them as a guide but don’t panic if you don’t identify with any of them, in the end, we’re all unique so it’s very difficult to fit every single one of us into 6 categories.

So, the most common face shapes are oval, square, round, rectangle, heart, and diamond. Depending on which one you have you will choose one sunglasses shape or the other.


I have a very interesting trick to pick a frame that goes with my face: whatever your shape is, choose something that’s the exact opposite. I know this may sound strange, but most of the time what we want to do is bring balance. If we have a round face and wear round sunglasses what this will do is accentuate the round shape but if instead, we wear a squared shape it will make everything look more cohesive.



If you have an oval face you can wear basically anything you want but I would recommend staying away from anything that might make your face look longer. Round or squared sunglasses are perfect for you.



For square faces I would recommend round frames, try not to wear huge sunglasses that cover most of your face, since it can make it look smaller. Go for softer and curved shapes.



Squared frames are perfect for you, choose sharp, angular lines that elongate your face. Stay away from anything that may make your face look wider.



I totally recommend oversized sunglasses for you. Anything that brings width to your face is welcome, you can use sharp lines but make sure they don’t elongate your face and you’ll be good to go! Stay away from small sunglasses that bring attention to the center of your face.



For your face shape, I would recommend glasses that aren’t top-heavy. You can wear round or square glasses and you should always focus on bringing attention to the lower part of your face. Make sure your glasses don’t have straight lines at the top!



Softer lines, squared or round sunglasses are great for you. Try to stay away from sharp lines and wide glasses that may bring attention to your cheekbones.

In my case, I have one of those faces that are a mix of a couple shapes. It leans more towards a squared face but I have prominent cheekbones so I tend to stay away from wider sunglasses unless it’s just for pictures and I tend to put them on the tip of my nose. I really like sophisticated glasses, I tend to get them in classic colors like black or brown and my favorite ones are round Ray-Ban’s. I always choose them depending on the outfit I’m wearing.


Let me know in the comments if this was helpful or if you have any other questions about sunglasses, I’ll be happy to answer. You can also DM me on Instagram if you have any doubts.

See you soon!

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