How to create a workspace that will inspire productivity

Hi Darlings,

It’s September already!
Covid-19 is making sure that this year is both flying by and dragging along slowly at the same time.
Not sure how this is even possible, but it is what is happening.
Don’t you feel it too?

We’ve had to adapt and overcome a lot of things over the past few months, and one of these things is turning our home into an office.

Remote working was rare at the start of the year, now it’s the norm.

I recently had a very informative session with Divya from Ksenia Consultation.
Divya is an internationally certified Image Consultant and soft-skill trainer, and I have immensely benefited from her guidance.
We had a workshop where she took me through the benefits of setting up a workspace that inspires.
I wanted to share some of this information with you.

#1 Pick a spot – If you don’t have one already

I was guilty of not having a dedicated workspace. I did have a study table, but that was swamped with my husband’s files, and I never really took the time out to clean it out and use it.
But a simple mindset shift can do wonders.
When you assign a space just for work, you train your mind to shift from a home-focused train of thought to one that is work-focused.

How it helped me:

The practice of sitting at my dedicated workspace was key in gearing me up for the workday.

How you can benefit:

If you have been getting flooded with distractions, this would be a good practice for you to realign your thought process and create an environment that is conducive to productivity.


#2 Designate a space for inspiration

It is very important to add positive triggers around your work environment that set you up for success.
Create a mood board that includes things that inspire you. Display your vision on it.
It could be quotes or blueprints of your plan. Chart out your 1-year and 5-year goals and print them out and put them up.
Also, be sure to add other knickknacks that are sentiment based. My desk has a small horsey because I love horses and a globe.
The color theme is neutral, just how I love it.

How it helped me:

Having my vision board was a constant reminder of my ‘Why.’ If there is a period of distraction all I have to do is look up to find my motivation.

How you can benefit from it:

A lot of the times we are so focused on the worries of today, that we don’t plan ahead well. What does your 1-year or 5-year plan look like? Zoom out a bit, reassess your goals, and make them a part of your day-to-day.


#3 Dress right

Sure we can be tempted to be in our sleepwear all day. Sleepwear is super comfortable and I’m guilty of doing it too.
I do opt for satin-based sleepwear because they are super comfy, especially during summers.
But what really helps me get into the mindset of working is by putting on a blazer, especially if I need to get on a video call.
It’s the perfect way to look comfortable and in control – the best part, only your torso is visible so no one can figure what you’re really wearing.

Another thing that really helps me is putting on my heels.
Heels instantly boost confidence and improve your posture.

How it helped me:

An instant boost of confidence is what I get when I put on my blazer.

How you can benefit from it:

See the difference in yourself when you continue working in your sleepwear vs. when you switch it up with even one item that is a little more professional. It’s all about training your mind darling.


What does your workstation at home look like darlings?
Tell me more in the comments.


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