Homegrown California Brand Marigold Shadows Knows How To Play With Monochromes

Hi Darlings,

How are you?

I hope you are staying safe wherever you are.

With all the extra time we’ve been given, I am using it the only way I know how, by bringing you fashion inspiration.

When things get tough I think we all should shift our focus inwards and find things that we really love to do, and do them.

So today I wanted to take some time out and talk to you about a brand that I recently came across and absolutely love.

If you take a close look at my Instagram feed (check it here) you will see that I LOVE, wearing a lot of monochromes.

I will dabble in colors here and there, and then it’s back to monochromes for me.

So you can imagine my happiness when I was contacted by Marigold Shadows because their aesthetics and styles are just what I like, and I’m sure it’s something every Cali girl would love too. There’s a reason why homegrown brands are the best.

Here’s Why!


#1 Clothing for every style

Marigold Shadows have designs that range from basic tees to unusual dresses.
So you can pull-off a laid back casual look or a high-on-fashion look easily.
I went for high-on-fashion kind of a look with their Pleated Puff Long Sleeve Shirt and paired it with their Patchwork Coat.
One of the biggest perks of living in L.A. is the weather, and in turn, this teaches us the importance of layering.
You can throw on a coat when it starts getting chillier in the evenings.

Also, would you look at the detailing on the shirt – it’s just beautiful!


#2 No animals are harmed in the making of these clothes

They are against animal cruelty and it’s great to spend your money on a brand that’s conscious in the way they work.

#3 Stock up on basics

Most items by Marigold Shadows are black, white or a neutral shade. This means that if you’re looking to stock up on your basics, this is where you should be looking. The quality is great so you can be sure that it’s going to last a long time. They are also known to be quirky and that’s what you will see on most designs, so don’t expect these basics to be traditional! They are quirky and unique, which is why I love it.

#5 Easy on your wallet

Darlings, finding a brand that fits your style, and is easy on your wallet is extremely hard to find. So when you find something like that, hold on to it tight! I know I will be ordering a lot from here.
They also have an easy 30-day refund policy.

What’s more? You can get 10% off your order if you use the word Runwaytoroad10.



It’s a strange time right now, isn’t it?
I have been keeping online shopping reserved to only essentials, and I’m sure most of you must be doing the same in good conscience.

But when we’re out of this, victorious on the other side, I can’t wait for the day we can go back to our life.

Until then darlings, I’m going to be unearthing some fresh new brands we can shop from.

You should definitely favorite Marigold Shadows for future shopping!

Stay safe, and stay home!


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