Holiday Happy Hours And Special Giveaway – Slumber Party

Ain’t no party like a slumber party, right darlings?
If you think you’re too old for slumber parties, get a new calendar honey because you’re not!
The best times I’ve had are not in some super expensive restaurants but in the comfort of my own home with my p.j’s and some great company.

I’m spending today’s happy hours with Jenny – I met her very recently and I feel like I’ve known her a lifetime.
It happens with some people, doesn’t it? They are just the reflection of yourself, and that’s how I feel about her.

So while we enjoy our slumber party I’m bringing you the 4 rules of having fun with your favorite girl!
Be sure to read till the end because I’ve got a SECRET for you!

Rule #1: Dress For Comfort, But Don’t Sacrifice The Cute

Spending some time with your friends will most definitely result in some insta-worthy moments, so dress comfortably, ensuring that you’re still making a style statement.
We’ve picked these adorable Victoria’s Secret loungewear!
How cute are they?

Rule #2: Snack Like You Mean It

I’m all for snacking, but with a twist of healthy!
I love to whip up some guacamole and have it with chips.
Trust me, some conversations and chips are sometimes all you need.

Rule #3: Holiday Movies Marathon

A Holiday themed slumber party is incomplete without Holiday movies. Netflix has some really great options playing right now.
I’ve been binging non-stop!

Rule #4: Talk, Talk, and Some More Talk

Holidays are all about reviving connections, what better way to do it than just talking!
The best part is when you’re talking to a friend you can go from the silliest of the conversations to discussing the origins of the universe, in a second!
That’s something that is definitely worth cherishing.

Those were my rules, now for the exciting news!
I’m organizing an exciting Giveaway on Instagram right now.

Visit my latest post on Instagram, HERE to get an opportunity to win Victoria’s Secret gift voucher.

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