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December should be renamed as ‘Cheat Month’
Isn’t it?
We’ve all been there… Putting off those workouts, eating that extra cookie, resolving to put a Hard Stop to all of this once New Year starts.
“It’s the Holidays, I deserve to treat myself” – We’re all thinking that!

So while I have been bingeing and partying quite often this month, I’ve kept one thing constant – My Workouts.
And the one person who has helped me stay consistent is my Trainer – My inspiration and Daily Source of Posivitiy – Jojo.



So for today’s Holiday Happy Hours – I decided to bring you a glimpse into my workout with Jojo from Westside Fitness Training.
Let’s back it up a little… Before I began working out with Jojo, I had never taken workouts seriously.
The idea of creating an exercise plan for myself that seemed daunting initially was taken care of by Jojo, ensuring that I’m only doing the activities that are right for me.
Doing the work is not the only thing that matters. What also matters is that you do it right. That’s where your posture comes in. Mine to be honest at the beginning was terrible, as I’m sure is the case with every beginner. But having someone correct me and ensure that I’m mindful of the way I’m using my body during workouts was a blessing.
Another aspect of working out that worried me was the types of equipment!
Those bulky other-worldly scary machines – well, at least that’s how I saw them before!
It’s so important to know the uses of each of these pieces of equipment and how you can benefit from it.
Knowledge is the number one eradicator of fear, and having a good trainer translates into possessing your very own fitness bible that shows you the way!

Still wondering how all this is keeping me motivated enough to workout through the Holiday season?
Let me talk about the three things that keep my motor running!

No. 1: Mindset
Treating yourself isn’t solely about going overboard and consuming food in excess. Treating also refers to simply giving your body what it deserves. Sure, you deserve an extra cookie, but you also deserve a body that is healthy and happy. So while I do get tempted from time to time to binge, I know that working out is also a form of self-care and skipping it is not an option.

No. 2: Dress For It
I know what you’re thinking, “How is dressing for holidays going to help you work out?”
Well, seek and you shall find darlings!
I’m loving the special Holiday edition leggings by Goldsheep clothing.
You will be extra motivated to workout once you have a pair of these to show off. Dressing up in clothes that you are comfortable in and feel confident in is the first step to having a good workout.


No. 3: Buddy Up
Teamwork makes the dream work. I’m so lucky to have found JoJo who makes workouts so much fun and hard to miss.
If I were to be responsible for my own training, I wouldn’t have been as regular as I am now.
Having someone share the experience with you and push you to do better is a big help and motivation to get you through the temptation of the chilly winter mornings and the lethargy of holidays!

As part of my very Holiday Happy Hours, I’m giving away a free session with Jojo from Westside Fitness Training.
Visit my Instagram post to participate NOW.

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