Guide to Style Overalls The Sexy Way

I know what you’re thinking darling!

Overall, and sexy? How could that be?

Well, wait and watch as we work this magic right away.

Guide to-Style-Overalls-The-Sexy-Way

1) Style an Overall with a cropped shirt

Yes cropped t-shirts are cute but if you want to add the ‘sexy girl’ factor then switch up your t-shirt for a shirt instead, like the one I’m sporting.
Leave a few buttons open and you’re good to go.

2) A smear of red

The secret to make any outfit look instantly sexy is to apply a smear of red on your lips. Yes you got that right!

3) Style an Overall with a Cami

Pair your overalls with a cropped floral cami and fierce ankle-strap sandals. Cami’s are lightweight and a great choice for the current weather, just like Selena Gomez has styled it here.

Guide to-Style-Overalls-The-Sexy-Way

The most important thing here is that you wear an overall that fits you well!
So you look like a million bucks even when you’re wearing overalls.

Sharing my favorite overalls with you!
The one I’m sporting is from All Yoo Boutique at Manhattan Beach.
If you’re around the area be sure to check their collection out.
And if you’ve got the online shopping bug, you can shop these.

So will you be adding a touch of SEXINESS to your overall this Summer?
I sure hope you do darling! 🙂


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