Gucci Cruise 2019 – A Song of Fire, Death and a Cemetery (Runway To Road Trend Report)

If you’re wondering what a resort show is – it is the Ready To Wear collection that hits stores post the Fall/Winter collection and before the Spring/Summer collection.
It’s what you can opt for in those months where you aren’t sure if you’re supposed to be wearing too many layers or too little.

In the past month, you would have seen splashes of photographs from Chanel’s nautical inspired Resort wear or Dior’s equestrian looks. But what caught my fancy the most was the spectacle held by Gucci!

With every collection, Gucci has somehow becoming edgier, and cooler!

Let’s take a look at their collection to find out what’s going to be in trend next year and if the fashion investments you’re making this year are worth it at all!

Pastel Pink Is Here To Stay

The most prominent color that was seen on the Runway was Pastel Pink.
From clothing to accessories, stockings, or shoes, it was all over. So if you’re investing in some pastels this season, you can be sure that you’re going to be on-trend next season too.

Cold-Shoulder Silhouettes

This is one style which is always a great summer combination, especially when paired with the fun espadrilles.
From summer parties, to say a day out in the sea on a yacht, or even summer weddings, the cold-shoulder dominates every occasion. Needless to say that this is one trend you must invest in, and it is Gucci- approved.

Layered Maxi Skirts

This is one of my absolute favorites.
Layered maxi dresses are so playful and fun, especially when you pick them in really fun colors or prints.


Gucci is nothing if it isn’t making a statement – and Embellishments help you do just that!
It’s loud and it is here to stay!
If you don’t know how much is too much for you I suggest you take baby steps.
Pick items with fewer embellished areas and see if that is something you love, if you’re not totally loving it, then you can skip it.

Red Trench Coat

Year-after-year there is one constant – A red trench.
No matter the fashion house, or the season. A red trench coat is something that is an all-season accessory. So investing in one only makes sense considering you can wear it no matter the season.
It’s going to look absolutely stunning irrespective.


I was really impressed with this one particular black dress with satin bows upfront which looked so glamorous.
Velvet was represented in other items too, it looked royal and larger than life.

Accessories were a MAJOR part of the collection showcased and they did have a common trend. Here’s what you can watch out for!

Shell Earrings Are Back

Shell Earrings are back and in a major way! Models were seen sporting long shell earrings that dropped to their shoulders.

Metal Studs

Metal studs were seen on bags and did they look stunning, YES! For a very rock-chic edge, metal studs are a great way to go

Cross Choker

Having taken inspiration from the cemetery, models were seen wearing chokers that had the Crucifix on them, giving the outfits a gothic look.
Thinking of incorporating it into your look in some way, would surely help you outfits be on-trend.

What’s the trend you’re going to be wearing come the Resort season of 2019?
What’s the trend you hated the most?

Tell me all, I will be waiting for your comments!


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