Granny Print Dresses You Should Buy This Summer

Welcome back to my two-part series of dressing for summers when it is too HOT for jeans!
If you haven’t checked out my previous post yet, be good and read it first, HERE!

In my previous post, we spoke about using solid colors for summers, this time, let’s discuss the granny prints that you can rock!

What are granny prints?
Prints that you would have seen in your eccentric grandma’s house.
The table runners, curtains or even furniture.
Things that in your wildest imagination you wouldn’t consider being fashionable, yet today’s designers are making diamonds from rocks!

Referencing to the 60s and the 70s era the Spring/Summer 18 shows were lined up with prints that would leave you wondering – “I’m not sure if I like it, but I’m not sure if I hate it either!”
If this is how you feel when you see a granny print dress, then you’re on the right track!

I’m sharing with you a variety of granny prints out there and the best dresses available for you to buy.
So sit back, grab your credit card, and let’s go!
P.S. all of these dresses are under $150! 😉

1) Small Prints
I prefer smaller prints which is why both the dresses you see me wearing have got tiny print patterns. If you’re wary of going in head over heels and not being completely okay with what you’re wearing, there is no harm in playing safe.
Also, if you don’t want to create much of a contrast and keep things simple, delicate prints are your best bet.

2) Large Prints
There is only one purpose for wearing large prints – If you want to be EXTRA or in other words – dramatic.
If you are the type of person who is larger than life and you love making a statement, then this the scale of prints that will look great on you.
It is eventually all about staying true to your own personality. So if it works for you, then don’t hold yourself back.

3) High-Density Prints
The density of a print actually depends on your body-type.
Generally, if you are an apple-shaped (heavy on the bust) or a pear-shaped (heavy on the butt) person, then you can opt for larger prints. Having bigger prints camouflages your shape and gives an evenly distributed look throughout.

4) Low-Density Prints
If you have an athletic body (slim) you can opt for prints with a lower density.

If you’re looking for the perfect accessories for your dress, here you go!

That’s all from me about wearing granny prints that will look great on you!
This print is proof enough that vintage doesn’t mean boring, it’s all about how you add your spin to a trend and make it yours.

If you’re looking for the exact dresses I’m wearing, you can shop them here:

Printed Belted Midi Dress

Printed Wrap Dress

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