The Girly Girl’s Guide To Jeans Based on Body Type

The art of being a girly-girl is a fine one!
It’s not always about using excessive pinks or reds in your clothing.
It is also not about the glitter!
The girly-girl in 2018 has evolved from someone straight out of a ‘Legally Blonde’ movie to using subtlety as her strongest suit.

For ages, I have always been a girl who is obsessed with fashion and if I may borrow DVF’s (Diane von Fürstenberg) words – “I design for a woman who loves being a woman.”
In the same way, I wore clothes that showed my feminine style.

But over time, my style evolved and I now look for edgier pieces, but every once in a while I come across something that is the perfect combination of edgy and pretty!
This jeans with the front bow-tie is exactly what I’m talking about.

When I did get my hands on this beautiful pair of jeans from Planet Blue, I’ve got to be honest with you, I did a little happy dance.
And then began my search to find some of these beautiful pieces that I can share with you too.
And what’s more?
I have segmented the jeans based on body-types so you know what you buy, will look good!

Pear-Shaped & Apple-Shaped Women
Picking this shape, because that is definitely me! To be pear-shaped means to have a thinner top and a heavier bottom. You will always see me wearing a jacket or a cover-up over my tops. The reason for it is exactly this since my bottom is heavier I need to make up for the leaner top by adding layers of clothing.
If you’re pear-shaped too save this tip and use it.
The jean styles that will look the most flattering on you would be high-waisted pants, boyfriend pants.
This style will also compliment those of you who are heavier in the bust area, high-rise jeans are going to be your biggest ally. What you need is the length and that is the illusion these pants will help you achieve!

Athletic Shaped Women
If you have an athletic shape which is less curvy, create more shape with a vintage cut denim, keep it high-waisted and use tapered hemlines.

Hourglass Shaped Women
Imagine Sofia Vergara – the first woman that pops up in my head when I think of an hourglass figure. The women with this body type have a narrow waist and the bust and the butt area are mostly the same size, kind of like an hourglass – hence the name.
The best kind of jeans for you are the skinny fit jeans.
Aim to accentuate your curves always!

It’s been so much fun hunting for the best feminine jeans for you, I hope you like my picks.
With the Memorial day weekend starting tomorrow, I am certain that most of my free time is going to get spent adding clothes to my online shopping carts!
Because it is also time for snagging some HUGE discounts from my favorite online retailers.
Here’s where I’m going to be shopping from!

What are you planning to do?
Traveling to someplace exotic or staying home terrified of the traffic?
I’d love to hear all about it!
And if you come across any more sales? Don’t keep it from me, girlfriend! 😉


  1. May 26, 2018 / 8:06 pm

    wow! I am loving all of these tips!

    • June 28, 2018 / 1:39 pm

      Thanks Penelope!
      I’m glad to be of any help!
      And if you have any specific questions you can feel free to get in touch with me! 🙂


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