Getting Ready In Under 10 Minutes With An Organized Closet

Looking forward to an evening of fun with your favorite bunch of people?
Stressing over what you should be wearing?

Trying out different things and staring at your wardrobe thinking about how you don’t have anything to wear?

Every girl’s story. Ever.

On days when you’re in the search for the perfect outfit in the endless tunnel that is your closet, I’ve got a secret tip that helps every time.
Arrange your wardrobe based on the outfits and not just separates arranged as per type.
Usually, in a closet, you would see…
all the denim piled up together,
tops on one side,
t-shirts on the other,
outerwear somewhere else.
This mish-mash of clothes does tend to send your brain into a frenzy when you’re trying to think of what to wear.
Instead, you can arrange the clothes basis outfits. Create outfits in your mind and arrange them in your wardrobe. Put a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket. Make sets and make your life easier. Once you think you have worn a set a few times, switch it up.
I’ve found this tip to be extremely helpful in reducing the amount of time I take to dress up.

I have a few more tips that you can follow blindly and see the results for yourself, but before we get to it, I’d just like to highlight that my current outfit is from William B Friends. Their website is currently getting updated so I cannot link the exact products for you,  I’ll be sharing similar items for you, in case you want to recreate my look.

Let’s get on to some closet organizing tips that I know will work for you!
#1 Clothes

If you can’t see it, you don’t wear it.
It’s as simple as this. So as much as you can, try and hang your clothes instead of folding them or keeping them stacked.
This will also make sure that you aware of the clothes you reach out for constantly and the ones you just brush past by.
The ones that you haven’t even looked at for about 2-3 weeks when they are right in front of you on full display, get rid of them.
You’re probably never going to wear it.

#2 Bags
While I understand that most of you may be very protective of your bags and would prefer having them in dust bags, but again the same concept of ‘if you can’t see it, you don’t wear it’ applies here too. There are a plenty of storage options available for bags and I’ve looked for one that is beautiful and functional.

#3 Shoes
These are my babies, I’m sure some of you will relate too.
Use shoe organizers and when you are arranging your shoes in it, do it in a way that every pair has one shoe where the toe is visible and the second one where the heel is visible.
Basis your outfit and what you have planned for the day you can make a super quick decision.

#4 Accessories
Accessories for us mostly are an afterthought. It is very rare that you would think of them while you are cooking up the outfit in your head. I know I don’t.
So to make sure that I do accessorize my outfits I keep my accessories on full display by using jewelry stands.
In that way, I can quickly grab whatever I like as soon as I’m dressed and be out the door!

That’s how girls you can get ready in under 10 minutes and save yourself the trouble of wasting time trying out different outfits.
It’s really all about a few tweaks in your current process.

And imagine trading the time you would spend being confused about your outfit with actually spending it with your friends enjoying another round on the Ferris wheel, or drinks!
Whatever you choose to do 😉
It’s your time after all!

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