Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress with Kalki Fashion

It’s a perfect sunny day here in India!
And today’s blog is for those of you who are preparing to be ‘Bridesmaids’ soon.
Weddings are stressful. We know that – but there is a group of superwomen, the bride’s backup who are there to handle her every tantrum and indecision with a big smile on their face – all because they are BRIDESMAIDS and their friend/sister’s happiness matters the most to them.
And if you’re all set to be a bridesmaid this year – then this one is especially for you.

There are multiple things that a bridesmaid needs to consider before opting for her perfect dress.
You need to look perfect in a ‘not-standing-out’ manner so the bride can have all the attention on her big day.
You also need to be ready to rock that photoshoot while running 1000 different errands.
So while looking good is a priority, comfort is key.

How is it that you can nail it? Don’t you worry because Kalki Fashion has your back.

When I visited their showroom in Mumbai, I was stumped by the amount of varieties they had.
And believe it or not, they have an exclusive section on their website specifically for Bridesmaids, check it out here.

So what is it that you need to look for when you are looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress?
Let’s break it down, darlings!


Tip #1: Get Inspired

Everything begins with inspiration. Browse through pinterest, look at wedding magazines, try and find the style and colors that you might be able to work with. There is so much inspiration out there on the internet, find what works for you and save them. Creating a pinterest board works best for me.

Tip #2: Find Complementary Colors

I cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing the right colors for the bridal party. While picking a dress color you need to consider:

  • Ceremony timing, it’s important to know if it’s in the day or night
  • Venue decor
  • Location
  • Skin tone

You definitely do not want to be wearing a darker color if it’s a daytime wedding in a city that sees a lot of sun.
I’ve picked a yellow Lehenga from Kalki Fashion, something that would work really well for all those of you who have to attend the wedding during day-time.
The color pops and is extremely flattering in the sun.


Tip #3: Focus on Fabric

Silk is soft and elegant, and adds an extra touch of elan to an outfit. If you’re attending a winter wedding then silk is definitely a fabric to consider.
But if it’s a spring/summer wedding cooler fabrics like georgette or chiffon are your best bet.
It will make sure you look gorgeous even if the mercury has other plans!


Tip #4: Tone down the Accessories

I know what you’re thinking, “Are you for real?”
Indian weddings are an extravaganza in their own right, and nothing about them is toned down. But here’s the logic. As a bridesmaid you’re going to be running around making sure everything is perfect and that means you need to be unshackled. Accessories sometimes can get so restrictive, so choose ones that are elegant so you can get away with not wearing too much of it!

A special shoutout to Argentum Jewels based in Bandra for partnering up with me for these beautiful accessories.


Tip #5: Say Goodbye to the Dupatta

Talking about restrictive things, Dupatta is one of them.
Let’s face it, we’re not in a bollywood movie, in real life the dupatta can get really messy. Handling it can create a bit of a nuisance – so skip it altogether!


My silk lehenga from Kalki Fashion comes with an embroidered net jacket, which more than makes up for the dupatta. It’s an elegant solution for all the problems a dupatta creates!

So darlings, if you are in the bride brigade this year I hope you’ve found this useful.
And if you love what I’m wearing then you can shop it here.
Guess what, they deliver to the U.S. too so what can be better than enjoying the best of wedding fashion from east to west, right?

God bless online shopping! 😉



  1. Siddharth
    May 23, 2019 / 11:54 am

    You are looking Beautiful & Gorgeous with Albert Hall Museum backdrop. Welcome to Jaipur!

    • Nikki
      June 11, 2019 / 4:38 pm

      Thanks so much!

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