How to Find the Right Jumpsuit

I’m sure the summer heat has been making you reach out for light-weight dresses, skirts and shorts. I’m with you there! But, I do think there is one summer fashion item that is comfortable, playful and oh-so-stylish.
JUMPSUITS are fuss-free and with the plethora of options and styles available right now, you can be sure to find a jumpsuit that will suit your personality and style just right!
I was stepping out for a late afternoon lunch and I dressed to beat the heat. You see me sporting a floral jumpsuit with a cinched waist design.
Since the jumpsuit has a prominent floral design I have picked nude heels to go with it. As the jumpsuit is wide-legs style, it’s important to wear heels to keep the jumpsuit from looking too overpowering on your body-frame.

Since there are multiple options available when it comes to jumpsuits, you need to keep an eye out for the one that will look good on you. Here are a few things I always keep in mind while picking one out;

1) Look for adjustable waist and straps: Each body is unique and jumpsuits can be tricky to wear. If you want it to complement your body, ensure that there are ways to adjust it so it looks great on.

2) Belt on or off?: The answer to this is simple, it depends on your height. If you’re on the taller side, then adding a belt to your jumpsuit will help add more color and ensure you don’t look excessively tall, as the nature of a jumpsuit is already long. Now if you are a bit shorter then you can choose to go without a belt because it will make your frame look longer and pairing it with heels will help you pull off a taller, leaner look.

3) Switch your shoes: Depending upon the occasion you can switch up your shoes from flats to heels and instantly re-purpose your jumpsuit for multiple events.

4) Play with layers: Layering is always very essential when it comes to creating a unique and perfect look. Play with jackets/crop tops, to create an imperfectly perfect look.

5) Accessorize: It’s one of the most easiest ways to play with your outfit.

I’ve picked a light pink bag with floral design that matches my jumpsuit. Something’s just belong together, don’t they?

The three summer essentials that I always keep in my bag are: Sunscreen, Cleanser and a Perfume.

Looking for suggestions for some super-awesome jumpsuits? Don’t look too far, I’ve curated the best jumpsuits available online for you.
Take a look!

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