Fashion Forecast 2019 – Boss Babe Domination

Darlings, how’s 2019 treating you so far?

If you’ve been on the lookout for the latest trends in Fashion and wracking your heads about how you’re going to bring the flavor of the new year into your closet, well, I’ve got you covered.

I get that just because it is the new year you wouldn’t want to restock the closet, but guess what darlings? You don’t have to.

The good news is that a lot of the trends you see this year will be repeated from the last. This means the items you bought in 2018 will still be relevant (That calls for a Happy Dance). Having said that, there are some really cool trends that are going to emerge this year and I’m here to make sure you know all about them.

I’m introducing the Fashion Forecast for 2019 – In collaboration with Papillon Styles. Here’s a trend report that isn’t exclusive to any season but you can count on these trends to remain relevant all year long.

Fashion Forecast 2019: Boss Babe Domination

It’s the year where Girl Power is going to gain so much more momentum, and boss babes will take over. For all of us girls out here, we’ve been in the shadows for far too long, and now it’s time to let our light shine. I’m bringing you the trends that will help you closeted Boss Babe come into the limelight.

Trend #1: All black is never passe

Some things are classic, like that crisp Chanel suit, or a necklace of pearls. The same goes for an all-black outfit. Black means power, it shows that you mean business. It is no-nonsense and that’s exactly the kind of picture a Boss Babe should be painting with her fashion. So get yourself a black dress and accessorize it with black shoes and a coat. You’ve gotta rock that fierce look!

Trend #2: Metal Studs Rule

Metal studs are no longer confined to black leather jackets for biker chicks. It’s found its place in almost every fashion item now. What I love about it is that it is REBELLIOUS. That’s the one quality that every Boss Babe needs. It’s the urge to rebel for a cause. Challenge the system. Ask the right questions. Metal studs are tough, ballsy and just like you, they are here to stay.

Trend #3: Couture Makes a Comeback

The Victorian Era has been approached in the most radical way by designers in this season’s fashion shows. Fine tulle, ruffles, oversized sleeves, all remnants from the era of corsets and ballgowns, but deconstructed to fit the modern times. I love how this trench from Joseph Ribkoff has been designed. The elegant black is complemented well with the gathers at the back. Twisting and turning in this coat feels very much like being in a ballgown minus the excessive weight! Haha! Talk about enjoying the best of both worlds.

So fellow Boss Babes you now know the key elements that are going to help you create a fierce look. For those days when you need an extra boost of confidence, you can always confide in clothes.

I know I do, and that does wonders for me!

The complete look has been sponsored by Papillon Styles. Here’s where you can find them: 1800 S. Catalina Ave. Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Phone: (310) 540-5747

Website: Papillon Styles

Also darlings, you can shop my look here!

Dress: Joseph Ribkoff Knee Length Dress

Trench Coat: Joseph Ribkoff Trench Long Coat

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