Facetime Photoshoot – Should You Do It or Not? Here’s my Experience

Hi Darlings,

How are you?
No matter what part of the world you’re in, I hope you’re safe and sound.

The past few weeks have been different, maybe this is the new normal now?

While I was constantly trying to dig through my archives to find more content to put out there for you, the need to create new content was super strong. I mean all the time and work it took me to create content consistently seemed to be in jeopardy. I couldn’t let that happen.

Lockdowns also meant that I couldn’t get a regular photoshoot done, so what were my options? It seemed like there were none.
Have you heard of the phrase?

“Constraints are good for creativity.”

I am a believer in it, and just when I was thinking there was no way to make new content I heard about photographers across the globe offering facetime photoshoots.

Can you imagine? How we keep going no matter what life throws at us.
Even a couple of months ago the chance of getting photoshoots done would have been non-existent, but now it is possible.

So I got started on my research and found Audrey Neracoulis, she’s based in Paris, and soon I scheduled a shoot.


Here’s what I learned from my experience darlings:

  • Once you get into the groove of the shoot, it doesn’t really matter if the shoot is in person or on Facetime
  • Since I was using my phone and my tripod, unlike other sessions where my photographer completely controls the direction, this shoot gave me better insights into my angles. This shoot is going to help me capture a lot of my own content through my phone in the future
  • Even though the shoot is happening online, it is still work. Being in a place where you cannot be disturbed is ideal
  • Since you are working with natural light, make sure you pick the right time to shoot
    Be sure to communicate well with your photographer, the barrier of not being physically present can only be an issue if you let it

So darlings, if you are looking to book a facetime photoshoot, you can approach your favorite photographers and see if this is a service they offer.

I got mine done from Audrey, you can contact her here: http://www.lesecretdaudrey.com/blog/

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy at home?
Tell me everything in the comments below!

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