How to dress for an Office Christmas Party

As the thought of dressing up for your office Christmas party looms overhead, and you cross out chunks of clothing hanging in your closet, while also browsing through multiple online shopping sites to find THE dress and hoping that it is not too late to order.
And then curse yourself for keeping this on the back-burner for far too long!
Here’s what you should do first.

Take a moment.

Since I’ve got your attention now, let’s get down to business.

Today, I’m launching the Look 3 of my #RunwayMiracle series that is made for, yes your guess is right – Office Christmas Party.
Now you’re glad you clicked the link that brought you here, are you not?
Dressing up for office parties is based on three important pillars – or as I like to call them 3 Ps of Office Party Dressing.

  • Position
  • Proper
  • Pizzazz

Let me break down the 3 Ps for you:

Position – Your designation and role in the company does dictate the clothing you should be wearing. Think about it… you’ve worked hard to get where you are professionally, so dress the part! While I’m wearing a velvet dress (buy it here) with a kimono, another option for you would be to wear a suit and trousers or even a jumpsuit.

2) Proper – It’s an office party, so be careful when choosing the neckline and hemlines for your clothing. You want to be in vogue, but steer clear of wearing something too over the top. It’s all about balance after all. For instance, in my look I have picked a midi-velvet dress with a choker neck design. Both the hemline + the neckline look appropriate for an office party look. It gives off the vibe that I’m letting my hair down, while still maintaining a hint of professionalism.

3) Pizzazz – You have got to look GLAMOROUS – no doubt about that! Pick materials that have a festive vibe. Velvet has been extremely popular this holiday season. Sequins are very HOT too – I tried another look with sequins quiet recently, check it out here. Floral mesh dresses are also having their moment of glory right now. If you’re going for a toned-down dress, then go BIG with your outerwear. I’ve used a kimono that can instantly attract anyone’s attention. I kid you not!

Inspiration: I loved how the velvet dress is accompanied with a dainty belt (buy it here)! I’ve fused it into my look too! Also, adding my own spin as always is necessary, hence the kimono.

I sure hope you have an amazing time at your work soiree!
And you see a plenty of compliments coming your way… do share your outfits with me using #RunwayMiracle on Instagram, you can be sure that you have a fan in me… always!


  1. December 24, 2017 / 11:53 pm

    I am OBSESSED with this look you put together! Velvet is my favorite fabric for winter and this dress is stunning!

    • Nikki
      December 25, 2017 / 11:52 am

      I am so obsessed with velvet too!
      I’m really glad you like the dress.


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