Double Denim Duty – Make It Work

Denim is the holy grail for any Californian girl!
Our basic outfits are incomplete without denim, so it comes as no surprise that we tend to stock up on this one item a lot.
On the runway we’ve been seeing really dramatic trends when it comes to pieces of denim for Spring 2018, there have been some, pearl embellishments, flares, dark denim, but there is one trend that has crept up more prominently than the rest.
Now that we’re all prepping for the glorious Spring weather, let’s talk about the denim trend that is going to rule this season – Double Denim.

Inspiration: I loved the DD look with hints of red.

Image Source: The Fashion Spot

While we may look for a million reasons why this will not work in your favor, I’m bringing to you exciting combinations that will make you believe otherwise.

Shop my look below!

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Denim Jacket + Pants
This has got to be the most classic way to dress up double denim. I’ve added a pop of color to my look by pairing it with a red crop top and red pumps.

Denim Button Down + Pants
Another celebrity favorite combination that is constantly making waves from Gigi Hadid to Jlo and even the super stud David Beckham, no one can resist a good button down paired with denim pants.

Denim Top + Skirt
Sighting this combination is a bit rare, but that’s what makes it even more special. If head-turning street style is what you’ve been waiting for? Your prayers have been answered!

Denim Dress + Boots
This is my secret weapon!
If I could ask you how many people have you seen sporting denim boots? The answer would be very few! So why not experiment with this unique take on double denim.

Now I ask you, should you go for double denim?
I hope I was instrumental in changing your mind and tipping you over to the side that would love to try this trend.

If I can, you can! So go for it, and don’t forget to share the pictures with me. I’d love to see how you add your spin to it.


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