DIY Lip Scrub – The Exfoliator, The Moisturizer & The Healer

I believe that little things are the ones that matter the most. Especially when it comes to beauty regimes.

The most successful regimes are effortless and yet amazingly effective.
One such routine I swear by is using a Lip Scrub. If you haven’t considered exfoliating your lips ever, think again! Scrubbing your lips regularly helps remove dead skin and smoothens your lips, making them irresistible. That’s not it, smoother lips retain lip cosmetics like lipsticks, lip gloss, longer. The most important thing of all, a lip scrub’s gotta taste good!
I’m letting you in on my secret recipe for a DIY Lip Scrub, that does its job while tasting delicious.

What You Need:
2 ½ tbsp Sugar (The Exfoliator)

2 tbsp Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (The Moisturiser)

1 tbsp Organic Honey (The Healer)

What next:
Mix all these ingredients together in a small bowl.

Once done, fill the mixture up in a container and you’re good to go.

How to use it:

Take some teeny-tiny amount of the scrub on your finger and apply it in a circular motion on your lips. Voila! Your lips will be eternally grateful to you!
Add this one little step to your weekly schedule (Twice a week) and I promise you – Chapped lips will be history!
Do try this DIY out and let me know how it worked out for you.

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