The Denim Dresses To Buy Right Now

At Runway to Road, we’re all about doing things differently.
Looking for cool alternatives to replace the norms of fashion, while still looking on-point every time.

This time, I’m urging you to drop the flowy fabrics for the warmer weather and instead welcome the hard-working denim into your wardrobe in its ever-flattering form – The Denim Dress.

There are so many different silhouettes available from shirt dresses, to playful off-shoulders, so you will be spoilt for choices for sure.

I’ve picked a button-down denim dress and styled it with a starry shirt from Topshop!
I always prefer layers when it comes to styling my outfits because layers add more character to any look.

Shop my look below!

You must have heard the phrase – “A denim dress is universally flattering!”
Well, it is not 100% true!
While the material may be something that is most-definitely flattering, the silhouette you choose considering your body type is the single most important thing.
To make this choice simpler and leave little room for error, and not to forget to save you hours of sifting through the internet to find the perfect dress, I bring you the best denim dresses you can get your hands on right now basis your body-type!

1) Pear Shaped (Your hips are wider than your shoulders)
Fit and flare dresses will look great on you!
They do the trick of showing off your smaller top half, by being more fitted there and the extra flare at the bottom accentuate your curves. If your dress doesn’t have a fit and flare silhouette and is a-line, consider using a waist belt.

2) Apple Shaped (You have broad shoulders, a full waist, and thinner legs)
What you should be looking for is to add volume in the lower half of your body. Steer clear of any dresses that have too much going on in the top half – they are not going to work for you at all. Instead looks for dresses with ruffles or added layers in the bottom.

3) Athletic Shaped (Your shoulders, waist, and hips are roughly the same size)
What you need to do is to create the illusion of curves.
This can be achieved by going for mainly cinched waist designs. You can also pick one half of your body, and create extra volume there, be it through ruffles or embellishment details. Waist belts will prove to be your best buddy, which you can sport with almost anything.

4) Hourglass Shaped (Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, and you have a smaller, more defined waist)
Go for dresses that define your best asset – your waist. Belted dresses, wrap dresses, bodycons, are your biggest allies.

As a Cali Girl denim always holds a special place in my heart.
I can wear it at any given time and in countless ways. It’s the one fabric that is also the most experimentative.

Raise your hands if you’re all guilty of reaching out to your favorite pair of denims no matter the weather or the occasion.
With workplaces also now being more tolerant to denim it is easier to blend it in with literally everything else you’re wearing!

So if you’re looking for an ensemble that is très chic, get your hands on a denim dress RIGHT NOW!

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