A Cheat Sheet For Wearing A Maxi Shirt Dress

Maxi shirt dresses are not for everybody?
It will overpower me – it will look like I’m floating in it!
Is it a shirt or a dress? Which one is it?
Have you thought about these questions too? I’m right there with you.

Shirt dresses have crawled their way into our closet because, honestly everyone is wearing it and why shouldn’t you? But when D-Day arrives and you have to put it on, the same questions keep coming back.
Don’t you worry! It’s handled.

Scroll below for exclusive tips on styling a shirt dress and rocking it!
Step 1: Enter Ankle-Length Shirt Dress
Where to look?
I got mine from LF Stores. The plaid design on this one is very in. You see plaid coats and pants being worn across the world very heavily since the Ralph Lauren Ready To Wear Fall/Winter 2017 collection dropped. Using timeless patterns like plaid is always a good idea because then it means you are investing in a piece that you will be able to wear in the long run.

  • While choosing the right shirt dress for a pear shaped body, define your waist. Take a cue from my outfit and use a belt right under your bust to draw attention away from your hips. When opting for prints you might want to try out vertical lines, as it will help increase the length of your figure, like this one. Here’s another multi-colored option for you.
  • If you have an apple shaped body – a straight fit is your best pick! While short shirt dresses will look great on your figure, if you want to go long, keep the slits really high – by unbuttoning the front just like me. You will love the pinstripes on this dress. If you’re a fan of plain classics, this Fire Island Maxi Shirt Dress is the right one for you.

  • For those with an athletic body shape belted and fitted styles work well, as they help give the illusion of a waist. When going long, just add a bit of volume to your figure by opting for a ruffled dress, make it playful and vibrant like this one or here’s another option.
  • Light and flowy fabrics look great on an hourglass body shape. You can experiment with colors and patterns. To emphasize your curves just a little bit, you can go for a loose belt around your waist. Check out this super feminine option from Revolve, and another one that will look great for a cocktail party.

Step 2: Pick the Pants
The first question is, should you even be wearing pants?
Well, it’s upto you. If you want to go sans pants, go for it. If you think pants will add a lot more character to your look, then pants it is.
I’ve picked my season favorite Vinyl pants! The plaid design on the shirtdress was edgy and I wanted to create a similar effect with my pants too.
Step 3: Happy Feet
When it comes to picking shoes for any outfit I always choose function over form. It is a mental calculation of what I’m going to be doing through the day and then will it look good with my outfit. I’ve picked Dr. Marter’s in glossy black finish that are super comfortable. The choice of your shoes will also depend on whether you have decided to pair your shirt dress with pants after all.

To go with the all-edgy look I picked boho-inspired belt and bag from True Religion.

Inspiration: The model here is sporting an actual dress but I wanted to use a shirt dress considering it is the HOTTEST trend right now!

If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the universe to tell you to try this out, I’d like to believe this is it!
Sure, we’re talking about trying ankle length shirt dresses, but it doesn’t have to stop there.
Start small, but start trying out new things, we’ve only got one life after all!
(You think that escalated quickly? Good. That was my intention) 😉

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