Celebrating Memorial Day with an Army Inspired Look

Happy Memorial day!

The military stands for power and strength and if there is one reason I love wearing military inspired outfits it’s just that.
To be able to project the power that these clothes bring into my attitude.

There are days when you don’t feel all-powerful, and you feel like the smallest thing can crush you. On these days it is important to channel your inner strength- and I’m not going to lie, sometimes external factors help harness some of that super-power.
Those are the days I need my camouflage jacket and my combat boots because it is time to battle it out!

If you’re looking to create a power outfit for yourself to get through the most difficult days, then you’re in the right place.
I’m going to show you the perfect recipe to achieve it.

Step 1: Pick a darker colored basic t-shirt
For your jacket to stand out, it is essential that you pick a basic t-shirt.
Black and navy blue are my go-to picks. It adds the right amount of subtlety to the outfit.
Also, I favor crop tops, but if that is not your style, you can pick longer t-shirts and tuck them in for a sharper effect.

Step 2: Camouflage Jacket
No military look is complete without the perfect camouflage jacket.
A few tips to remember while you pick one out for yourself;

    1. Pick an oversized jacket – Trust me when I say this that you will love layering the camo jacket. It’s something you can just throw on and will instantly make you look very stylish. If you pick a jacket that is true size then you might face some trouble layering it, hence always go a size or two up.
    2. Belt it – Another thing I love doing with my camo jacket, which you don’t see me doing here is to belt it. Buy a belt that will go with your jacket, preferably a brown shade, and add a rugged military effect.

Step 3: Distressed Denims
Speaking of a rugged military effect – distressed denims are my favorite to style!
it adds the right amount of bold and tough!

Step 4: Combat boots
It would be sacrilege to talk about a military look and not mention combat boots.
While combat boots are not new to the fashion scene, they have been making a HUGE comeback and have soon become a must-have shoe style for women across the globe.
While the black variant is the most popular, I personally love this brown rendition.

Military fashion has been around forever, it was said to truly make its way into fashion post the second world war.
Since then we have seen it be reintroduced in different forms, silhouettes, and colors.
Each new season brings a breath of fresh air to this fashion trend.
But the denim + camo jacket + combat boots is one combination of the military trend that has been around since time immemorial.
So if you want a piece of this pie and try it out, begin with this combination.

Once you’ve achieved the most basic look, I’m sharing some other ways you can experiment with this trend.

Think that there isn’t a way to look fierce and feminine at the same time? The military dresses prove this notion WRONG and HOW!

Get the easy-going demeanor of a soldier with a jumpsuit that strictly means business.

Pencil skirts
Talk about SHARP clothing! What can get sharper than pencil skirts? Pair it with a crop military jacket and you’re all set!

Hope this post has got you all pumped up to soldier through the rest of the 4-Day week!
The only thing better than a 3 day weekend is the 4-day week ahead, isn’t it?

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