Celebrating Diwali with Macy’s Los Cerritos

Hi Darlings!

If you have been following me on social media you must have seen me go on and on about my latest collaboration with Macy’s.
And this collaboration was made even more special because it happened during Diwali.

Each year Macy’s Los Cerritos organizes a Diwali Spectacle for the Indian Community and this year they invited me to come and share my ideas about styling.

Being an Indian girl who moved to the U.S. over a decade ago. I had to adapt to a whole new culture and a way of doing things.
This included fashion too.
So along the way, I picked up tips and tricks that helped me fuse both Western and Traditional Indian fashion.

I’ve got to have the best of both worlds after all!

You can read more about the blog I wrote on how you can get the perfect fusion look, here.

Circling back to the event…

So here I was… amidst a great audience, in the true spirit of celebration, and celebrate we did.

Here’s a transcript from my Styling Session:

I love adding something personal to each of my looks. It could be through personalized jewelry or the way I accessorize my hair or wear my bag. Your style has to have YOU written all over it.

And this doesn’t have to be restricted to one style type.

This is why I am super grateful to Macy’s for bringing me on-board to show you how you can mix western outfits with ethnic Indian hints to create something extremely unique.

Blankets scarves are going to be big this season so instead of those you can use your dupatta and shawls stay cozy during fall and winter and look absolutely stylish. 

You can wrap the dupatta by using a belt to any of your dresses to make it look super grand and stylish. 

Also when you are in the mood to make any outfit ethnic just keep a pack of bindis at home and some chunky Indian jewelry. It’s all you need! 

I tend to pick up a lot of my jewelry from India, and Artesia here in L.A.
Artesia has a great collection of Indian clothes and jewelry, the neckpiece I am wearing is from Aanchal Design Gallery.
My idea is to hoard on ethnic accessories which can then be styled in endless ways.

With Indian outfits what tends to happen is you wear it once or twice and then it’s done, you don’t feel like wearing the same thing again even if you might have worn it for just a couple of occasions, so the easier thing is to buy accessories, and style them with classic western basics that you can get a lot of use out of.

Also sharing some images for you. Feast your eyes, ladies!





A big thank you to Megan Picazzo and the Macy’s team for making this happen.

I loved meeting the wonderful Smita Vasant, founder of L.A. India Fashion Week.

Here’s Mr. Naresh Solanki, Mayor City of Los Cerritos.


Diwali is incomplete without dance now, right!

And it’s also incomplete without family!
I love you guys…

That was my Diwali with Macy’s darlings!
I want to hear all about what you did. 🙂

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