Capsule Wardrobe: These 11 pieces can help you create 7 stylish outfits

Hi Darling,

How many times have you heard the term capsule wardrobe and thought that this seems extremely restrictive?
Well, for the longest time that is exactly what I thought too until I realized what a beautiful tool it can be to pare down what you own and just focus on things that you love wearing.

Creating a capsule wardrobe soon became a way for me to express my creativity. Your imagination is really triggered when you have limited options.
So I wanted to share a quick 11 piece capsule wardrobe with you, made with items that you can find in any price range.


What you need:

#1 Blazer

Darling, all boss babes need a blazer! And when you are creating a wardrobe that will last you a long, long time to come, get three instead. Buying a blazer in solid neutrals will give you options when you want to put on some layers.


#2 Tops

Currently, I’m obsessed with crop tops. I’m sure you must have noticed this on my Instagram too. As a rule of thumb, when creating a capsule wardrobe, pick solid neutrals, and then you can go for varying styles and materials. Here you see a cotton tee, tank top, satin crop top, there are so many options. This will help you dress your outfit up or down based on where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing.


#3 Pants

Denim is a must, the other two styles can be something that’s very, like the fit and flare pants, or the oversized pants. Again, color selection is neutral.


#4 Accessories

Here’s where I would push you a little to look up the current trends and pick accessories accordingly. You could choose to use colors like blacks and browns so they go with everything you style. Another useful tip is to make sure you have a variety of shoe styles. I have a converse for sportier or casual looks. Black heels and nude pumps for outfits that I can style for work or date night!


And just like that, you would have created 7 stunning outfits that look starkly different from the other and have such unique vibes.



Here’s how they all look when they come together.




So… what do you think about capsule wardrobes now darling?
Would you want to give it a try?

Sound off in the comments below!


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