How To Buy The Perfect Button Down Shirt for Spring/Summer

Dressing for the hotter weather comes with its own set of challenges – crop tops and tanks or the classic white-tee can only get you so far!
On days when the temperature is soaring and you have to get to work in time for that really important meeting – WHAT DO YOU DO?

Button-down shirts have been helping women up the formal quotient of their look since forever now.
Even if the button-down is casual, it still passes as a semi-formal look, when you style it with a pair of denim and pumps.

What does it take to find the perfect button-down shirt, that doesn’t show off any hot spots and looks oh-so-perfect through the day?
Let’s find out!

Step 1: Fit Matters
When you’re looking for the perfect shirt for the hot summer days, remember, always to pick a shirt that is a little loose around the waist, chest and the shoulder area.
The fit needs to be a little more relaxed and needs to leave room for your skin to breathe.
Picking shirts that are a perfect fit is a strict no-no because hot spots my friends are REAL and very unflattering!
Steer clear completely of them by wearing looser shirts.

Step 2: Pick Materials That Breathe
How can you tell if a fabric is breathable you ask?
It is extremely simple, you can either feel the fabric and you will know instantly if the fabric is irritating you.
Or another great way is a ‘Breath Test’, all you need to do is hold the fabric close to your mouth and try breathing through it. If the air passes through without any trouble, you’ve found the perfect item for you.
This step stands true for every clothing you’re going to shop for during summers.

Step 3: The Long and Short of Hemlines
Length does matter!
Especially when it comes to button downs – you want to be sure that it is not too long or too short.
How do you find a shirt that is just right?
A shirt is too long if it is covering your bottom completely unless it is a shirt-dress, this length will just not do.
The test to check if the shirt is too short is to raise your hands and see if your mid-section is completely bare.
Either of these does not work, so you need to make sure that it’s fitting you just right.
The shirt I have picked is designed in a way that the naval area is exposed intentionally.

Step 4: Pick a Print
Summer clothes without prints are just not right – okay, I might just be a bit partial here.
But I truly believe that summer fashion is all about having the most amount of fun – and what better way to do it than explore the myriad of prints available!
Your state-of-mind can dictate your choice of prints. Get really experimentative!

To help you in your search for the perfect button down I have curated some options that I really liked online.

I’m super kicked to try out more Spring/Summer trends and bring you the dos and don’ts!
Have you been itching to try a particular trend but not sure how it would look?
It could be anything, let’s talk about it! 🙂

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