Best Blazer Dresses For the Boss Babe in You

Hi Darlings!

If there is one item that gives you the structure of menswear coupled with feminity, it’s got to be a Blazer Dress.

If you have an important meeting coming up, and you’re bored of sporting the same old tried and tested formula of formal pants with top or even a pantsuit, then you can most definitely try it out.

A black double-breasted style blazer dress is the most popular, I’m bringing you some uncommon designs that you can wear and stand out.

Feast your eyes, ladies!


#1 the 2 in One

Skip the all-black attire and go for this unique spin on a two-in-one blazer.

#2 Shimmer & Shine

It might get a little too fancy for a meeting, but if you plan to go out and have a great time later, it’s perfect.

#3 Pretty Pastels

What’s better than a splash of color? If you’re someone who works in a creative field, and you have a lot more liberty with how you dress, don’t be shy to experiment with colors.

#4 Deconstructed Patterns

Pick styles that are away from your traditional patterns.


What is the outfit you go for when you want to make a striking impression?
Let me know in the comments below darlings.



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