Alexander McQueen Models Wear Trash Bags

Isn’t it great how designers can highlight world issues with such creativity on the Runway?
I always look for some underlying themes presented in the shows, which are generally left to personal interpretation.
The 2009 Fall Collection by Alexander Mcqueen however, left zero room for vague interpretations.
It was bold, in your face, and long after the show was over the conversation surrounding it wasn’t!

Here’s what happened!

Soon after the economic crisis of 2009, when the world was going crazy over recession and talking about its effects. Alexander McQueen commented on societal excess by setting the stage with scrap debris from past shows. Notice the seemingly broken floor put together?

That’s not all, the clothes in this collection were over-the-top with the most extraordinary and flamboyant designs.

Images Courtesy: Vogue

Juxtaposed against these magnanimous dresses the models were seen wearing trash bags on their head. His way of saying – “We all have too much, want too much, do too much.”
It’s aiming to make us aware about this persistent problem which can be solved only by giving to another.
This statement is as true in 2018 as it was back in 2009.
So in this new year let us all CHOOSE TO SHARE.

Alexander McQueen won my heart that day. Since then I have followed his work closely. Here are some of my favorite items from this fashion house.


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