How To Add Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter Season – The 3 long dreary months after the Holidays.
The fashion choices soon go from festive to neutrals and layering becomes a must – which can just as easily go over to being boring very soon.
But a few changes here and there can make your winter outfits a total knockout!
How do you ask? The key is color!

I love adding pops of color to any look I wear and during this time of the year, colors become the key factor in fighting winter blues!
So what’s the next step? Follow my lead.
Before we begin you can shop my look below:

Step 1:
The quickest way to get that color pop is sweaters. You can buy the exact one I’m wearing, here. Wearing a colorful sweater means, waving goodbye to the extra layers and staying warm while looking like a million bucks.
If you think your wardrobe can do with some color? Here are some of my top picks.
Take a look!

Step 2: Accessorize Right
Accessories are another way to bring in some much needed color into your winter-wear.
Keep the accessories minimal but ensure that there is colorful element in it.
I am currently swooning over this dainty necklace that my family gifted me over the holidays from Kendra Scott. Rounding up some of my other favorites from this brand for you. You can buy the one I’m wearing, here.

Step 3: Shoes that Shock
Shoes are in my opinion the most neglected item during the winters. Time and again we tend to go for colors like black or nude tones. Shoes are also the item you can have the most fun with! So why waste an opportunity? I’m wearing hot pink loafers from Sam Edelman.
I’ve curated similar some high-end + affordable options.


Colors are a great way to express yourself – channel this expression into your everyday clothing – Live your life in color!

What’s your favorite color? And what’s the color you’re wearing on repeat in 2018?
Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

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