A Quick Guide to Styling Loungewear The Right Way

Hi Darling!

We’ve all been spending so much time at home with all these new norms that being comfortable while looking stylish has become incredibly important.
I sometimes do have my ‘I-am-going-to-be-in-my-sweatpants-all-day-everyday’ mood.
This is happening more often these days, so I’m sharing with you 3 ways in which you can rock loungewear at home, for your work from home days, or even while running errands.

It’s just not about looking stylish anymore, but also being mindful of what we buy, helping make our wardrobe more sustainable, and one that doesn’t directly impact the environment in a major way.


Look #1

A white tank top is a staple and must-have in every woman’s closet.
Being a Neutral color, it works best with anything.
Team it with your loose fit sweatpants and combat boots. Don’t forget a pair of trendy sunglasses coz why not?


#Look 2

When in doubt, always choose black. What goes best with sneakers and a tank top: Yes, and neutral sweatpants too. And that tiny handbag.
If you’re really in the mood to experiment then you can choose to also throw on a blazer, and make it a meeting look. See? Endless options with a basic wardrobe.
If you want more unique ideas, have you checked out my capsule wardrobe blog yet? If not, click here.


#Look 3

You’ll soon know a pair of sweatpants can be styled in so many ways. Loose fit sweatpants, a crop top, and pair of comfortable sneakers and you are ready to bounce. Put on that cap and rock it!

Which of these looks would you love to rock darling?
Tell me in the comments below.


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