A Minimalist’s Way To Layer Multiple Necklaces

If there is one trend that the most popular girls of Instagram are wearing on repeat day in and out, it has got to be the ‘Layered Necklaces’

Every time I looked at one of the images of these neatly stacked necklaces, looking so gorgeous and in harmony, I’ve wanted to try it out.
Now, you know me, I’m usually not very heavy on accessories, and I love something minimal.
That’s when I had oNecklace approach me to try out their necklace designs, and in the true spirit of trying something new, I say ‘YES’!

My aim was to find necklaces that are minimal and would go well together when paired. Nothing over the top or anything that would overwhelm me.

If you are just like me, then let me share with you some tips that I’ve learned on the best way minimalists can layer their necklaces. And also my favorite necklaces that you can shop!

Style 1: Start small – Layer by the length

If before this you’ve never tried on the whole multiple necklaces style, then I suggest you start small.
You can begin with two necklaces. Go for the same color and similar chain style.
What you’re aiming for here is simplicity, and ensuring that each necklace gets its place.
This would help you avoid the numero uno issue when wearing multiple necklaces – The Mighty Tangle (sounded much cooler in my head!) 😉
You see me wearing this style in the pictures. So let me share the links to the necklaces I’m wearing, and why I chose them!

The first one is called the Circle Signature Necklace – You can buy it HERE.
A great part about ordering a signature necklace is that is personalized. You need to send over the picture of your signature to oNecklace and they will engrave it for you. I’m personally obsessed with this signature that I had gotten designed for my blog and decided to go with it. What do you think? Love it? I know you do. Take a closer look.

The second and the longer necklace here is the Cut Out constellation necklace, available for purchase HERE.
Another lovely design, this is tailored to your Zodiac sign so another win in terms of personalization.

Can you imagine what an amazing gift these necklaces would make?

Style 2: Mix Multiple Chain Styles

Now that you’ve gotten comfortable with wearing multiple necklaces, you can look at experimenting with the chain styles.
You can pick a choker, and style it with a mid-size and a long-sized necklace. Pick pendants which are different, from birthstones to gold or silver metals.
Enjoy the process of mixing and matching.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a style just for you, so check it out!

Layer 1: Go for the Star choker, to begin with. It’s an easy first layer.
Layer 2: Curved bar necklace would be a fresh take on the otherwise circle pendants.
Layer 3: Infinity anchor necklace, a unique design to finish off your multiple chain-set.

You can pick from silver, gold and rose gold metals, so make this design your own.

Style 3: Wear multiple chokers

Now everybody layers chokers with longer neck pieces, but have you ever considered just layering chokers?
That could really work amazingly well too.
Imagine this together!
Layer 1: Custom name choker
Layer 2: Sideways cross initial necklace in size 14

What oNecklace does is, it makes it really easy for you to choose what size of necklace you would want.
So when you’re placing an order, you can create your own layering style and choose between the different sizes you want. This way you can literally create any style you want. The possibilities darlings, are endless.
The power is in your hands – literally!

Take it from a minimalist when it comes to accessories, I was extremely daunted by the concept of layering necklaces, still am.
But there are some things which make life just a little simpler, and make adapting trends just a little bit easier. oNecklace is that something.

When you approach anything with just a little bit of patience and confidence, it really could work wonders in your favor.
So if you haven’t given experimenting with accessories that much thought, think about it now.
Most of these necklaces are under $50 and let me tell you, they look really good when you’re wearing them.
What’s more? They are made with 24K gold plating and come with a super cute packaged box and currently, there is a site-wide discount. So there is literally no reason for you to not get yourself some of these necklaces!

Are you ready to stack some layers of necklaces and own that look?
I bet you are darlings!

A huge shoutout to oNecklace for partnering with me on this post!

Also, if you want to shop my complete look, I haven’t forgetten about it.
Here are the links for you!

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