The Perfect Location To Get The Most Instaworthy Pictures

Hi Darlings!

You must have heard the phrase, ‘Pictures speak louder than words’
Our current lifestyle is captured so much through pictures, but what also tends to happen is everything tends to get too repetitive

So how do you save yourself from a visual burnout?

The answer my darlings is to look for places that feel like a breath of fresh air.

Last weekend I was in West Hollywood, and I passed by this beautiful nursery. I tend to get plants for my home, from here and when I looked around, I was so taken by the beauty of the place that I decided to do an impromptu photoshoot there.

Beautiful places do inspire you to get more creative.

And being in an environment where there are plenty of plants present, it’s an atmosphere that’s begging to be photographed.

You can take cues from this, and also explore nurseries around you. It helps if you go and speak to the owner, and get a nod from them for your photoshoots.
From solo images, to pictures with your friends, family or your significant other, this setting could prove to be a background for gorgeous images and memories.

If you like what I’m wearing, I’m sharing details of the outfit, and links to it too.
The outfit I’m wearing is my go-to style this season. A crop-top, paired with a blazer and a coat in monotone looks super chic.

Also darlings, if you’re thinking about bringing home some plant buddies, here are the succulent styles that are currently trending.
If you want to read more about them, I found this article from Better Homes really helpful, you can read it here.

What’s your favorite spot for a photoshoot darlings?
Share it with me in the comments below.



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