Get the Perfect Loose Curls Using These Tips

Hi Darlings,

Most times when you hear from me, it’s all about fashion!
You see glimpses into the styles I’m loving and those that are trending right now.

But I thought this time around I should talk about the one behind-the-scenes lifesaver that keeps me looking great before every photoshoot – My Hair!

My hair has a volume, and I love to accentuate them by blowing them out for a fuller look.

Here’s what I do to get these loose curls!

Tip 1: Care is always first

Before you even think about using heat tools always remember that you need to care for your hair first.

So the day before you plan to do any styling, oil your hair overnight and get a good wash the next day. This will help your hair soak in all the goodness from the oil.

Also before you style your hair, remember to use a heat protection spray.

Linking it below so you can get it for yourself.


Tip 2: Use the right tools

I use a 1 ½ inch curling iron. The trick to getting long loose curls as I have is to go really tight during the curling process, and then you can use your fingers to comb through them. Or you can just let them be, and through the day, the curls will naturally lose their firmness, and give you an effortless look.

Tip 3: Final Touch

After you have styled your hair, don’t forget to touch up with a shine spray.

The one I use is from Drybar, and I absolutely love the sheen it gives my hair.

I don’t normally go for a hairspray because it tends to make the hair look too greasy after some time, so a shine spray is a great alternative.

And there are days when I absolutely have no time to do all this on my own, on such days Drybar is an absolute lifesaver. 😉

What are some of the tricks you use to get the best out of your blow-dry?
Share your ideas with me in the comments.



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