9 Fall Coat Trends You Need To Try ASAP

Hi Darlings!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and I wanted to bring you up to speed with what’s happening with Runway to Road.
Over the past couple of months, I have been digging deep to find out what exactly I want to do with this platform that I’ve created.
It was an internal process that I think was much needed given the abundance of influencers right now – I really wanted to find that one thing that made my content something you would look forward to week after week.

While thinking over it, through all the noise that was screaming at me about what I should and shouldn’t do, one word was the loudest ‘Inspiration.’
That’s what I want to focus on, bringing inspiration to you, no matter how big or small its scale may be.

Since we’re talking about trying out something new and also inspiration I thought why not also apply this in our daily fashion. You know every fall you might reach for your trench coats or hoodies, but what if this year, we switch it up a bit.
I’ve rounded up some cool new and classic Fall coat trends that you can experiment with!



Fall Coat Trend 1: Plaid Jacket

Honestly, this is more of a recurring trend every season and a must-have.
I was in need of one this time, and lucky for me Blaire from Atlantic Pacific dropped a collection on Nordstrom in partnership with Halogen, and it had this beauty. You can check out the whole collection, HERE.
Couldn’t have been a better time for me to own one.
It’s a classic item that I see myself wearing through this season, and many more to come.
I’m linking the exact one I’m wearing below.

Fall Coat Trend 2: Patchwork Jacket

Cannot resist a touch of whimsy? A patchwork jacket is just for you.

Fall Coat Trend 3: Fringe Jacket

Fringe is nothing if not fun. Although I do agree that it tends to go a little overboard for an everyday item, you can wear it when you’re going out with friends.
Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Dolce and Gabbana, have given the fringe a thumbs up, what about you?

Fall Coat Trend 4: Jacquard Jacket

Highly underrated? I think so!
A jacquard fabric is one where the design is weaved into the fabric instead of it being printed or dyed upon.
These jackets look extremely elegant and chic, and if you’re looking for outer layers that you can wear to work, consider adding one to your wardrobe.

Fall Coat Trend 5: Moto Jacket

It is never a bad time to invest in a moto jacket. If an edgy look is something that speaks to you, then get yourself one. The easy way out when it comes to styling a moto jacket is to throw in jeans, tee and a jacket combination. But trust me, you can do better! How about contrasting it with a cute dress? Or a chic jumpsuit? Think about it.

Fall Coat Trend 6: Corduroy Jacket

Wearing a corduroy is all about texture! The fabric is light-weight and perfect for those chilly fall evenings.
Deeper colors work best when you’re wearing a corduroy jacket.



Fall Coat Trend 7: Tweed Jacket

Tweed is generally a very thick and sturdy material and is great for colder weather.
Generally considered a fabric worn in formal situations, you could go the extra mile and experiment with it this fall. Pair it with jeans, and a top color that pops, and you’re home.
I’m in love with the Tweed jacket from Atlantic Pacific X Halogen collection.
The tweed with the faux fur sleeve details is a nice touch.
Linking it below for you!

Fall Coat Trend 8: Puffer coats

They are big, bulky, and warm.
Puffer jackets are a trending piece every fall/winter without a doubt. If you are getting yourself one for the very first time, invest in a black jacket! Black is the most versatile hue and getting one in this color will ensure that you can pair it with just about anything in your closet.
Once you’re comfortable wearing these, then you can experiment with colors and patterns. Personally, metallics and oversized jackets are my favorites.

Fall Coat Trend 9: Teddy Coat

They are hands-down the comfiest coats that you can wear. From tan to orange and now even blue, (Thank you Something Navy) there are plenty of options so you can find the hue that is true to you.


Which of these jacket trends would you be trying out this fall?
Your thoughts mean the world to me so let me know!

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