7 Fall Fashion Trends I’ll Be Wearing No-Stop

Hi darling!


I recently took a short break, I go into it with a little more depth in my last blog post but basically, I did it because I wanted to focus on my mental health. It’s been a journey and everything’s slowly getting better and I realized that one of the things that help me is actually blogging and sharing things with you guys so I decided to come over here and do what I love.

I want to share with you my favorite trends for this fall. I have already started incorporating a few of them into my wardrobe since I already owned a few pieces from last year that are still in great condition thanks to taking good care of them (like I’ve mentioned in other posts). I think being able to repurpose clothes is a great way to be sustainable. I also recently got a few new things that I’ll be sharing with you soon and I added some links in case you don’t already own these pieces and want to get them.



So we all know that as soon as the temperatures go down all we want is to be warm and cozy, so it’s not a secret why knitwear is such a staple in our closets, however, this year it seems like it’s coming on stronger than ever with maxi pieces! Something I’ve also been seeing a lot is sweater vests, we know they were a really big deal last year and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon so if you already have one from last year it’s your time to start wearing it again.



I feel like this is a trend that comes and goes every few years but this year is coming back strong, I think it was only natural after cowboy boots had such a good run this year.


Who said florals are only for spring? You guys know I usually go for neutrals and I’m not such a big fan of patterns but dark florals are looking really good this year. When it comes to colors I prefer deeper shades so this is perfect for me. I got a couple of dresses for spring and summer but because they’re long sleeve maxi dresses they can be worn during fall too! Talk about making the most of your clothes!


You guys already know how much I loved puffy sandals during summer so it’s not a surprise that I’m loving these quilted bags too! I recently got one of these so I might be sharing that with you soon.


Last year I wore these snake print pants and you all seemed to love them so I think they’re making a big comeback this year!

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