5 Winter Jackets Every Girl Must Own!

Well, hello sweater weather!
Long-time, no see?

This week there were definitely some chills experienced, and I spent no extra second in going for my jackets.

So darlings, today I’m bringing you the 5 must-have jackets that prove Layers are definitely COOL!



Faux Leather Jacket

Nothing, and I repeat nothing beats the beauty of a classic black faux leather jacket. First off there are so many new style revisions done to the latest jackets, and secondly, it’s good for our animal friends too.
And the price tag is well, not-as-high as the real deal.
So all in all, a great investment for you.
Based on your body type you might want to consider the length of your jacket.
I love this guide by Purewow, and you should definitely use it as a rule of thumb while choosing your own jackets: Click here to read more.

Here’s where you can get the exact jacket I’m wearing: Click Here.

Vinyl Trench Coat

I know what you might think, it looks a bit extra.
But darling, isn’t this the time to experiment and explore?
So what if you’re drawing attention to yourself, it’s a benefit, not a flaw!
If I wasn’t such a fan already this photo by Hanna Stefansson has got me sold.


Denim Jacket

Granted we’re in L.A., not exactly a parka jacket-wearing kinda weather here. So instead, denim jackets should be your go-to layers.
And don’t just pick any denim jacket darlings, pick ones with a twist.

Front-Button Knit Cardigan

Are you thinking I’ve gone crazy? Did you think it’s too boring? Any knitted sweater when styled well can go from ‘not-working-at-all’ to ‘why didn’t I think of this combination before!’
Still don’t believe me?
Check this outfit out by Brittany Xavier – Here.

Faux Fur Coat

Have you ever thought of carrying your bed around with you? That’s exactly what you feel when you wear a fur coat! What I especially love about this piece of clothing is that no matter your body type it works for everybody.
If definitely gets full points from me on versatility.


Which of these coats are you going to be using to layer-up this season darlings?
Tell me all in the comments below.

Shop The Look:

Faux Leather Jacket: Zara
Mini Pleated Skirt: Zara
Sunglasses: Gucci


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