5 Fitness Trends In Los Angeles You Should Try

Fitness is ruling almost everybody’s routine these days!
And rightly so.

This whole fitness revolution is so important it makes me so happy that everybody is taking a keen interest in themselves.
Gone are the days when people who attended gyms were considered vain.
It’s not vanity honey, it is self-care. – Yes, I’m quoting JVN from Queer Eye here. 😉

Fitness is also so much more than the superficial expectation of having the perfect body.
It’s about how a good workout has a positive effect on your mind too.
Tell me a good cardio doesn’t get you feeling lighter and refreshed?
And who can deny the uh-mazing effect it has on your skin. I mean workouts should get 1000 brownie points just for this reason.

While the benefits of workouts are so many, for me a workout has to be interesting.
I’ve got the attention span of a fly, so it takes a lot for me to stay interested in a regime for 60 minutes.
I’m constantly on the lookout for finding workout routines that are super fun and can keep me engaged.

Here’s my exclusive list darlings;

Box Union

First-up, I have never boxed before this!
You do not need to be a regular boxer to enjoy this routine. The team at Box Union is super-helpful.
For first-timers, they arrange a Form + Footwork class, in which they break down the six punches and defensive moves.
If you’ve successfully attended this class, you will be equipped to then follow-up with regular classes and not feel like an awkward beginner.

New members in their very first month get unlimited classes for just $150.
Now that’s a bargain you should definitely go for.
Some of the benefits of boxing are:

  • Stress Relief – This is a major plus for me
  • Toning muscles
  • Improves your memory
  • Core stability
  • Increases metabolism

Overall it’s a workout that benefits both the body and mind and one that is completely perfect for me.

While researching to find the most unconventional workout methods in L.A. I came across a bunch of other places that I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sharing them with you anyway.
If you like something, go for it and tell me how it was!

Playlist Yoga

Yoga for me has always been about finding mental peace, but at playlist yoga, it is so much more.
They fuse in yoga with upbeat music to create an experience where your every breath is connected to a movement, and each movement is connected to music.
It’s a 60-minute routine that is meant to energize you and leave you feeling refreshed.
To visit their website click HERE.


Now this one got me highly intrigued!
I’ll tell you why, Platefit is a 27-minute workout that you’re supposed to perform on high-intensity power plates that vibrate – which means they are constantly moving while you’re on it.
According to the reviews I’ve been reading, the instructors keep you on your toes the entire 27 minutes, and you are completely engaged throughout the class.

This workout is helpful in:

  • Muscle Toning
  • Increasing endurance
  • Increasing metabolic demand
  • Increasing serotonin – We could all use a dose of this
  • Increasing bone density – Us women need this! After the age of 30 bone density is a huge issue for most women, and adopting a workout like this in our fitness routine in our early years does help make a difference.

What interests me further is that it is half the time of what general fitness classes require you to give. So if you have a very busy schedule and taking out an hour to attend a class seems like it’s never going to happen, try this out. It’s 27 minutes only darlings, not even a complete 30 minutes. Think about it!
You can visit their website HERE.

Hot 8 Yoga

Cannot get enough of the reinventions that are happening around Yoga!
I do lean in more towards it, because of my Indian roots, and seeing it being adopted globally and how individuals now are adding their personal twist to this 5000-year-old tradition makes me so happy.
The USP of Hot 8 Yoga is that it is really, really HOT! And I mean, literally HOT!
They crank up the temperatures in the studios to 100+ degrees.
If you want to try it out, L.A. residents are getting a free week if they sign up on their website right now.
You can sign up HERE to get your Free Week.
This offer is really making me want to try this one out.

Rise Nation

This one darlings, gets full marks for creativity!
Rise Nation is a 30-minute workout (Yay! Another short workout routine) that helps you get fit by making you climb on a high-intensity VersaClimber machine.
Climbing activates all the major muscle groups of a human body simultaneously – this, in turn, is an effective calorie burner.
Disclaimer – the machine in itself does look like it might take some time getting used to, and this is also something the Rise Nation team has mentioned on their website.
So if you’re considering this body workout, I’d say take it slow.
I also think a certain level of fitness would be required to approach this.
If you already are extremely active and workout regularly then I think you can definitely go for it.
If not, you’ve got to take baby steps.
Start with lower intensity workouts first and then build up your endurance and stamina so you can take on something more challenging.
Know more about Rise Nation HERE.

When it comes to picking the right fitness routines I think the first step that we all need is to assess what is it that we want to achieve out of this activity?

Do you want to lose weight?
Or gain some mass?
Are you looking at building muscle?
Is strength an important parameter for you?

Once you’ve figured out what your body needs the next step is to narrow down the workout routines that will help you achieve that.
Before signing up for any routines, speak to the trainers, a healthy dialogue is important.
You’re going to be leaving your body in their care for 30-60 minutes.
It’s imperative that they understand what you’re looking for.

And more than anything, pick something that you enjoy darlings!
A workout routine that you dread going to, is never going to work. You will sign-up, go for a couple sessions and lose interest.
So pick something that will make you want to make that effort!
If it makes your heart sing, you’ve met your match!

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