4 ways to rock a summer outfit in Winter

Hi darlings!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog, but I am super happy to get back.
Mainly because I was taking this time out to actually create content that I resonate the most with.
And after a lot of thinking, planning and doing, I’m finally at a place where I think I can present my best self to you.

For this blog, I got thinking, a lot of the outfits I would generally wear in November in L.A. would be layers. Something I can throw on in case it got too chilly.
But this year, things seem too different.

It still doesn’t feel like November, so instead, I’m opting to choose outfits that are very summery but with a twist.

Let me show you 4 ways to rock a summer outfit in Winter!





Wear vinyl

This is a beautiful material to experiment with during this season. It’s not so hot that it sticks to your body in a weird way. But it will also keep you warm in case it gets chilly. You can never be too prepared.

Add colors

Rainbow outfits were a huge hit on the Runway this season. Color is a great way to express yourself. Summer outfits are all about color play, whereas winter tends to be a little somber. But guess what? Rules were meant to be broken right?

Take a look at these beautiful rainbow outfit inspirations, click here.

Long Sleeve Dresses

The best way is to wear full sleeves instead! I’ve styled a full sleeves crop top with my pants. If vinyl is not for you, why don’t you consider going for full sleeves floral dresses? Here’s a great inspiration for you by Brittany Xavier.

Mix structure and fluidity

I am always a big fan of mixing and matching. Nothing beats bringing in opposites to create something completely innovative. I love how in this look (click here) this oversized coat is styled with a pleated skirt. Both of the pieces are so different from each other, but somehow they work together perfectly.





Having said all of this I really cannot wait to start wearing all my coats!
Fingers crossed, I really hope it starts getting colder soon.

My Christmas playlist demands to be played!

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  1. December 2, 2019 / 11:16 pm

    I Really Love This………………..

    • Nikki
      December 30, 2019 / 10:18 pm

      Glad you like it!

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