4 Summer Dress Trends That Are Super Hot Right Now

Who else is having a little rebellion against pants this summer?
I’m not going to lie, not being able to wear denim is just the worst.
The silver lining in all of this is that the current dress trends are worth experimenting with.

Without further ado let me break down the types of dresses trending right now, so you can get shopping ASAP!

1) Tiered Dresses

The dress that I’m wearing is a fresh polka dot number from Revolve, sadly it isn’t in stock anymore, so I will be sharing links to other tiered dresses I love below.
I adore tiered dresses for their sheer fun value. I had a blast shooting this look because it was so much fun just wearing it in a location like Palos Verdes Estates. The weather was cloudy and it was extremely breezy, I felt like I was starring in a classic Hollywood movie.
It was a literal ‘wind beneath my wings’ situation.
The dress you see me wearing is a good option for those of you who want to flaunt your curves. I love how the dress hugs me until my higher thigh, and then the bottom is accentuated with three tiers. It is a great choice for those of you who have an hourglass figure (bust and bottom being proportionate and a thin waist) or an apple figure (heavy bust-smaller lower half) because the tiers give the illusion of a fuller bottom half.
I’ve also listed some more options for you, check them out.

2) Plunging Necklines

It is so essential to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing during this season.
Even the slightest irritation can snowball into you being completely off your game.
During the Spring/Summer ‘18 shows one of the most prominent necklines seen were plunging v-neck floral dresses.
Don’t write off these dresses as night-out attire.
You can find v-necks with cooler fabrics which will be your BFF during day-time.
Let me show exactly what I mean!

3) Fringe

Want to add a little bit of drama to your day?
If your answer is ‘YASSS Queen’ (Sorry, I’ve been binge watching Queer Eye and I’m obsessed) anyway, if you do want to add some drama, you’ve gotta add some fringe.
When I say fringe, I don’t mean that you should be channelling your inner cowgirls, while there is nothing wrong with it, I do mean you should be picking dresses with subtle fringe.
Don’t go overboard with this design. The scale is key.
As long as you’ve got a little bit of fringe that’s working for you, you should be good.

4) Puffed Sleeves

This is another one of my absolute favorites. I’m a complete vintage fanatic. And puffed sleeves literally make you feel like you probably are on the sets of Downton Abbey!
It’s got a classic vibe, stuff made of romantic novels, and for a hopeless romantic like me, even a little bit of the fairytale affair is welcome.
One tip you should keep in mind is that since your sleeves are going to be extravagant, look for simpler dress silhouettes. If there is way too much happening with your outfit, it can get very distracting. So if you’re taking the risk by going for puffed sleeves, choose everything else to be a bit more simpler.

Which is the summer dress trend that you’re going to be trying out of these 4?
Got a favorite?
Tell me!

Nothing makes me happier than experimenting with new trends and bringing them to you, hoping you would enjoy it just as much as I did.
And trust me on this, the one trend out these that you’re definitely going to enjoy wearing is the tiered dress.
If you want to feel like a movie-star, that’s the style you should be going for! 😉

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