4 Steps Every Fashion Blogger Must Follow Before a Home Photoshoot

Hi Darlings,

Are you an upcoming fashion blogger who has found herself going from street style to home shoots?
I hear you.

When quarantine hit earlier this year, I had a big question looming over my head, how would I continue bringing YOU the best of fashion with all these restrictions?
I had to think quick and create a backup plan.
I’m sharing with you some tips I have learned over the past few months that have helped me get better at photoshoots from home.


#1 It always begins with inspiration

No matter where you are shooting darling, make sure that you have your inspiration board ready to go.
It could either be a virtual moodboard that you’ve created on Pinterest, or even something physical.
Because I like a very editorial look for my pictures, what helps me is putting together inspirations from various magazines. Here are the things I watch out for when I am prepping my moodboard.

  • Latest trends
  • Style inputs
  • Poses

#2 Assemble Everything

I shoot about 9-10 outfits in a day, so I make sure that each of my look is packed separately. I have large storage bags from HomeGoods that help me keep my outfits in one place. These were a saviour when I would shoot on the street, but even now when most of my shoots are done at home, they are still really convenient.
A day before the shoot, I keep my outfits/accessories/shoes in one bag, so I can breeze through the shoot with ease.

#3 Use different areas of your home wisely

This is where you need to think a little outside the box. Figure out the mood of different areas in your home and then create a storyline.
In one shoot, I used almost every area in my home.
The balcony/gallery, a plain wall I shoot in front of, my bedroom, and my desk.
Shooting from home doesn’t have to be boring. If you can only shift your perspective a little.


#4 Make technology your best friend

I say this because for a couple of months I had zero access to my photographer, and this was problematic because I don’t take my own pictures. But the show must go on darling, and that’s when I approached a photographer in Paris to shoot my pictures on facetime.
My tripod was my savior then.
Always make sure you have the right gear with you.

These are my top 4 tips if you’re planning a photoshoot at home darling.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you.


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