4 Most Unexpected Trending Colors For Summer 2019

Time after time do you keep going for the same old yellows or pastel shades during the summer?
Well believe me darlings! I totally get ya!

They feel comfortable and are so apt for the sunny weather that it’s hard to think of other colors that would make us look spectacular during summers.

But don’t you stress!
Because I’m decoding the colors you should be stocking up for the next three months and that’s going to ensure that you are going to be trending wherever you go.



Earth-y Tones

Browns and rustic orange present a solid case for creating memorable looks especially when these outfits are styled in a monotone fashion.
Take clues from the outfit I have styled and go for a single colored set and pair it with a jacket from a similar color family.
My outfit is from House of CB, which is currently out of stock but you can look at the amazing new outfits from their resort collection: House of CB.

Deep Red

Indulge your summer-y senses in an intense shade of red.
It’s elegant and chic and while most might go for lighter shades going against the tide and picking something as extravagant as a deep red is bound to be a head turner.

Terrific Turmeric

If you’re looking to add oodles of spice to your wardrobe then turmeric is the color to go.
It’s from the same color family as the sunny-sunshine yellow that Summer is all about, but only it’s much more underrated.

Cozy Coral

It’s warm, bright and is versatile enough to go with any skin tone.
Corals while generally tagged as the color suited for ‘Bridesmaid’ dresses, you will be surprised to see how well the color can blend into your everyday outfits too.
It adds the right amount of peachiness to your outfit without making you look too washed out.
If you ask me that’s a pretty sweet combination.

Most unexpected choices don’t you think?
TBH, if you go for them then there is no stopping you from looking your unique and beautiful self.

Keep shining like the summer sun my darlings, until next time! 😉


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