4 Best Animal Prints Trending This Winter

Animal prints are…
Edgy – Check!
Classic – Check!
Scream for attention – Check!

If this winter season you are aiming to make a mark with your fashion – then I’ve got two words for you darlings – Animal Prints.

Animal Prints are definitely enjoying their moment in the sun – irrespective of the gloomy weather! 😉
In the earlier years, we saw a classic rendition of this trend – subtle colorways and simple silhouettes.
But this season, this trend has gone through a massive makeover and if you are the true blue experimentalist who loves to get her hands on everything new and shiny, listen up close.
I’m sharing the trending animal prints, and a selection of the best pieces in each of the trends – You’ve gotta believe that each of these pieces is carefully curated by Moi!

Let’s get this print party started, shall we?




h3>Print #1: Leopard

Think animal prints, and the very first print that comes to mind is the leopard print. It’s safe and it is a classic. Also, it’s trending almost every winter season. So if you get yourself a classic leopard mini – the kind that you see me wearing, you will be able to use it for a long time.
I got my dress from H&M, linking similar ones below for you!

Print #2: Tiger

You’ve gotta believe it that the Big Cat is on the prowl this season.
Roberto Cavalli and Prada proved that it is the moment of the Tiger.
But if you’re thinking about something that is a little less heavy on your wallets, then I’ve got the most affordable tiger print pieces for you.

Print #3: Zebra

There is not a doubt in my mind that this monochromatic beauty is made to reign the closets of girls all around the world.
Think of the possibilities of pairing a Zebra print item with anything, LITERALLY ANYTHING in your closet.
Now, try and stop yourself from getting yourself one! 😉 I dare ya!

Print #4: Snakeskin

This list is incomplete without mentioning the print that took over Coachella this year and somehow continued its stint all through Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.
Talk about trending all year around, right?
From clothing to accessories, this trend is leaving its mark all around town, and you will not regret investing in any of the key pieces that are snakeskin print.
Personally, I love the snakeskin printed boots I got myself this year. I’m definitely itching to try a brighter color tone for a coat.
Will let you know how that turns out.



What’s the animal print trend that you’ve tried or are waiting to try?
Tell me in the comments below!

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